Server Rules

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The Server Rules stated here will be strictly enforced in-game, and in some cases, outside of the game. It is expected that every player follows it to prevent any unwanted incidents. Punishments are issued at the discretion of an AtlasRO Staff. This includes cases or behaviors not explicitly pointed out in the server rules that could be considered as inappropriate. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time and apply these adjustments, albeit they precede the said changes.

Account Security

  • In-Game Account is the account that you created through the Account Register panel on our website. The Username and Password that you have provided in creating an In-Game Account is what you will be using to login to the game itself. A player can create as many In-Game Accounts as possible using the same e-mail address.
  • You are entirely responsible for the safety of your In-Game Account/s information. If the player has supplied others with their login information, said player is responsible for any and all actions made on the In-Game Account/s in question, regardless of whether or not the respective player has provided consent.
  • In the event that sharing In-Game Account/s and/or items cannot be controlled, you risk your chances of getting any assistance from the AtlasRO Staff should any setback happens. We do not approve nor encourage players with this kind of affairs and we are not to be held responsible for any actions that may lead to loss of any In-Game Account/s and/or items. You can use the @security feature to secure your in-game items.
  • You are liable and accountable for any results from actions you engage in safeguarding your In-Game Account/s, including but not limited to, password protection, running virus checks, disabling file sharing, and disabling third-party programs. In case of rule violations, any In-Game Account/s may be irrevocably terminated, deleted or cancelled by the Administrators' discretion.

Proper Decorum

  • We enforce a strict English Only Policy (EOP) over our Global channels: #main (10 seconds chat interval) and #recruit/#trade (60 seconds chat interval). English is the universal language that is why we encourage players to speak in English on the public chat in our main town, Prontera City, but not force it as a rule. Players are allowed to speak any regional language in other chat channels and minor towns.
  • Harassment comes in different forms of behavior that are offensive in nature, and will not be tolerated. Harassment may include, but not be limited to, verbally abusing an individual/group, stalking, threatening, embarrassing, spreading rumors and public defamation through public chats or private messages. If you are a victim of harassment via PM, kindly use /ex before reporting it. If the offender changes characters to keep harassing you, the offender and all related In-Game Account/s will be penalized. If you are continuously being harassed by being stalked or spammed even after politely asking the offender to stop, kindly contact an AtlasRO Staff to request assistance. In such cases where a character's name obviously contains offensive words, it is subject to a force name change by an Administrator without prior notice, effective immediately.
  • Scrolling (the act of flooding a chat room/chat window with text or macros causing the screen to roll faster in an attempt to annoy the occupants or prevent them to type and use the chat properly) and any other form of spamming (to flood any chat room/chat window with annoying text or macros; to execute an action or use an item rapidly or repeatedly) is not acceptable. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • continuously begging and flooding the #main and public chats,
    • spamming skills/spells in populated areas in towns and event zones; brewing/forging is also included, if not for a short period of time,
    • dueling (@duel) in extremely populated places, and
    • setting up a chat room or shop near NPCs or warp portals, in addition to stacking (setting up a chat room or shop on top of another person).
      Chat rooms and shops may only be put up on the sidewalks in Prontera City at least 3 cells away from NPCs; putting them up in the wrong places may cause your character to be force moved or disconnected. Additionally, blocking vending spots to reserve a space and keeping a vending spot by selling overpriced items are grounds for the same punishment.

Identity Theft

  • Each player's identity should be exclusive. We do not tolerate stealing another player's name with the malicious intent to impersonate them and cause other forms of damage in any way. This includes, but not limited to, impersonation of AtlasRO Staff members, other players or guilds. Character names with any form of Game Master [GM] included in its creation for the purpose of imitating one of the Game Masters' names and claiming to be them is strictly prohibited. At the Administrator's discretion, compulsory name change is possible only if the identity theft case was not intended. GMs or AtlasRO Staff member impersonations are grounds for permanent account ban.
    • Please refrain from using a name similar to an existing Game Master. Using a name considered to be closely related to a Game Master's grants the player a forced name change.
    • If a certain name was once used by a Game Master and that person is no longer an active Staff member, the name will remain reserved and similar names are not permitted.
    • If the name you have is similar to a Game Master's name, but your name was created prior to the Game Master's existence, you are allowed to keep it. Names created subsequently are strictly prohibited.

In-Game Theft

  • Greeding allows you to automatically pick up all items within 2 cells around you and using this skill to take another player's item/s without consent is considered as theft, and is unacceptable. This does not override the order of who gets to pick up the item first, and cannot be used to steal an item when someone else has the first priority over an item dropped. Greed will not share the loot in a party under a "Shared" setting. It cannot be used in towns, PvP or WoE.
  • Looting is the act of deliberately picking up another player's item/s without permission after they have killed a mob or monster, and will not be tolerated. This rule does not apply for MVPs, and we encourage players to utilize the @autoloot command to prevent looting incidents from happening.
    • Loot becomes free-for-all once a player has left the vicinity and it doesn't maintain ownership past death or warping away. In a party setting, it belongs to any party member within the visible area of the loot, if not, then it's free-for-all.
    • Homunculus loot belongs to the homunculus owner.​​​​​​​
  • Scamming is generally prohibited. All dealings with the intention, implicit or explicit, to deceive or mislead in the form of a trade, vend, or other kinds of transaction are not permitted. Scamming reports will have different punishments and will be taken on a case-by-case basis with total discretion. Depending on the situation, we do not guarantee whether scammed items will be restored or not.
    • ​​​​​​​Vending with false advertisements on shop titles to purposely mislead buyers, as well as putting up a Buying Store to purchase items for less than its original NPC value is forbidden.
    • With the proviso of In-Game Account/s sharing, the AtlasRO Staff will not be held liable for any unreturned or lost items.
      In-Game Account/s sharing as well as item/s lending is discouraged to a great extent.
    • Entering into a contract for a legitimate trade and failing to comply makes you liable to undo the trade.
      If you claimed an item without keeping your end of the bargain can be an act of scamming. Using collateral is highly recommended.
    • Vending non-slotted items for slotted item prices is considered as scamming.
      The merchant will be jailed with the inclusion of related accounts blacklisted and the amount of zeny scammed out of that vend will be seized from the merchant.
    • Accidentally vending a specific item lower than the price you intend to sell it is not a scamming case.
      Please practice extreme caution when vending items as it is not an issue that the AtlasRO Staff will entertain. Pricing items is the sole responsibility of the merchant.
    • Bait-and-Switch Trading is a trick older than Kafra that can get you permanently banned. Do not sell rare items for prices that are too good to be true.
      Making a trade with the legit rare item and eventually switching them with something cheap in the process will not be tolerated.
    • Buying/selling any item and/or service that is based off of trust is in the player's discretion. This puts the player at a great risk and whatever kind of evidences a player may claim to have to support this kind of scamming issue, the AtlasRO Staff reserves the right to deny the player any assistance.
  • Hacking is any illegal action relating to another player's In-Game Account/s. This includes, but is not limited to, security exploits, packet analyzers, password cracking, any brute-force and spoofing attacks. It is in the full discretion of the AtlasRO Staff on how to handle hacking cases that was not brought upon by server security issues.
    • Any attempts of hacking against our server will be indicted to the full extent of the law.
      All related In-Game Account/s and IPs may get permanently banned from the Server: the Game and the Community Board alike.
    • In-Game Account/s sharing, particularly inside a guild, will receive partial to no help at all from the AtlasRO Staff. Please be reminded that by gaining access to someone else's character other than yours, you become permanently associated to their related In-Game Account/s list, consequently this gives you a higher possibility to get penalized because of other player's actions on the assumption of serious violations to our rules suggesting an account/IP ban.

PvP/BG/WoE Rules

  • Exploiting of any bugs during PvP/BG/WoE/GvG/Events is strictly prohibited.
  • Deliberately bothering players/parties by any means before and during PvP/BG/WoE/GvG/Events is not allowed.
  • Hunting down a specific player and constantly killing them in PvP without their consent is a form of harassment and is not permissible.
  • Any abusive behavior prior, during and after PvP/BG/WoE/GvG/Events will not be tolerated. Practice sportsmanship and do not be sore losers.
  • Multi-clients are not permitted during official PvP, GvG and Events. Anyone trying to utilize any alternative ways to evade this rule will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Intentionally obstructing another guild during WoE by blocking castle entrances (using skills, items, chat boxes etc.) and putting warp portals to other areas is punishable.
  • Using dirty tricks such as sending a trade or party invite during PvP/BG/WoE/GvG/Events is unacceptable. You can use @noask command to auto-reject all trades and invites.
  • Guilds that will take part on War of Emperium are expected to have a guild emblem that is exclusive to them and visible to everyone.
    Duplicating another guild's emblem, changing your guild emblem during WoE to confuse another guild, or disabling/using no emblem at all to get an advantage is strictly forbidden.

Game Alteration

  • Any game modification allowing you to have an unfair advantage over other players is unacceptable under any circumstances. This will result in all related In-Game Account/s and IPs permanently banned. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of common third-party programs (3PPs) like OpenKore (botting program), packet editors, hexed clients/client files, and macro software/script add-ons (hotkeys for mouse and keyboards that provides auto-response in-game: auto-teleport, auto-farming, auto-potting, auto-feeders, etc.)
  • Any form of client modification that gives you a favorable gain over other players is not allowed. The exceptions to this rule are alterations that are generally considered as harmless edits and are approved by the AtlasRO Staff such as minimal effects, no texture graph file mods and cosmetic changes. In general, we do not restrict all acts of client-side edits; hence there are some that are approved by the AtlasRO Staff. For those who are client-edit savvies, kindly refer to our list of modifications below:

    1. Permitted Modifications: are player preference-based edits that are harmless and do not present any in-game advantage.
      • Use of Gray Map (custom.grf)
      • Custom Pettalktable.xml (custom.grf)
      • Custom RO Cursors/Pointers (custom.grf)
      • Modified Cast circles and Aura sprites (custom.grf)
      • Custom RO Skins/Themes (in the ":\RO\Skin\" folder)
      • Homunculus AI Scripts. Please always be reminded that the Alchemist/Creator and their Homunculus alike are bound by the Server Rules.
      • Clown's Frost Joke/Gypsy's Scream Texts (through ba_frostjoke.txt/dc_scream.txt under a new custom.grf file; edits MUST display a line of text)

    2. Prohibited Modifications: are advantageous edits that are by default illegal and are punishable as per our ruling indicates.
      • Item sprite modifications.
      • Instant item identification without using a Magnifier.
      • Edits to skillnametable.txt for easy access to certain skills.
      • Edits to monster sprites to make MVPs and mobs an easy target.
      • Edits to make WoE damages and cloaked/hidden characters visible.
      • Edits to character, monster and homunculus sprites, or related .act files.
      • Edits to portions of the backdrop, such as trees, paths and scenery. It is best to use gray map to reduce lags.

Restricted Trading

  • Real Money Trading (RMT) happens when a player engages in buying or selling the following via real life monetary transaction: In-Game Accounts, In-Game Items, In-Game Currency or other resources considered unsuitable by AtlasRO and under our Terms of Service. Such transactions to obtain illicit gains made in-game or outside the game is deemed illegal and strictly forbidden. Involvement in RMT in any manner will be grounds for all related In-Game Account/s and IPs being permanently banned.
  • Other Game Trading (OGT) is strictly prohibited and may result in all related In-Game Account/s and IPs being permanently banned. You may not trade AtlasRO In-Game Accounts, In-Game Items, In-Game Currency or other resources for another game's materials. Any form of online game content trade with other servers will be dealt with accordingly.

PvM and MVP-Specific

  • Kill Stealing is to intentionally provoke, attack, and damage another player's target (said player is killing the monster or monster is attacking the said player) in a way that kills it; giving you the experience (and occasionally, the ownership of the mob drops) even though you did not do the major part of the damage, and it will not be tolerated. This offense is considered a form of harassment.
    • It is not unusual for unintended slip-ups to happen in-game, and there is a thin line between honest mistakes and deliberate kill stealing. An isolated case where a player comes up and takes a hit or two at someone else's monster cannot be generally considered as kill stealing at that point; most especially in cases where both parties are long range classes and cannot see each other on their screens. In contrast, a player who has a tendency of attacking someone else's monsters all throughout a specific period of time is definitely kill stealing.
    • Alchemist/Creator and their Homunculus are both bound and are equally liable under this rule. The monsters that an Alchemist's Homunculus is fighting belongs to that player, on the contrary, do not allow your Homunculus to attack another player's monsters as it is considered as kill stealing. Although player summoned monsters, such as through Cultivate Plant is FFA, do not kill other Alchemists' plants without their say-so as it is considered rude.
    • All mobs flagged as MVPs (Boss-type Monsters, excluding Mini-Boss Monsters) are considered Free-for-All and are exempted in this rule. On the other hand, the general Griefing rule still applies. Please make it a habit to use our @noks command to prevent such instances.
  • Griefing refers to an act of deliberately sabotaging, disturbing and causing distress to other players' gameplay, using aspects of the game in unintended ways, and is unacceptable.
    • In war settings such as PvP or WoE, Skill Abuse or debuffing players outside of the maps, including but not limited to the use of Kyrie Eleison to cancel out Assumptio on a player or using Aspersio to deteriorate a player's damage is considered as grief-playing.
    • Mob-Training is the accumulation of numerous monsters, luring and dragging them as a mob. It is not entirely restricted on less populated maps. However, on highly populated maps, keep at least a minimum of 10-12 monsters depending on the place and the crowd. Overall, avoid mob-training if you cannot properly kill the mobs and wind up jeopardizing other players and obstructing their gameplay.
    • Mob-Dropping happens when a player intentionally teleports, losing a monster or a mob of monsters in such a way that the said monster/mob attacks an unwary player or party. This also applies when making use of skills in close proximity to other players that involves you to use Hide skill initially to kill a monster or mob of monsters. Similarly, spamming of dead branches or bloody branches, or changing a monster's class (using a Polymorphic Accessory or an Azoth Weapon) near an unsuspecting player is also considered as mob-dropping.
    • Avoid using dead branches or bloody branches in towns, battle and event zones, newbie and low-level training grounds, and other secured trails connecting towns. Players are expected to clean up after themselves when using DBs/BBs. Anyone caught using these items with the intent to disrupt other players will be punished. We have a Dead Branch Room where players are free to spam DBs/BBs and summon monsters to kill. Summoned monsters' duration is 30 minutes.
    • While MVPs are Free-for-All, using skills such as Safety Wall, Ice Wall and Pneuma to block skill recasts and prevent others from attacking, moving, buffing, healing or affecting a monster in negative ways (MVP Support) is considered as griefing. MVP-griefing also includes blocking MVP map warp portals by using Ice Wall skill and obstructing an MVP kill already being attacked/tanked by another player/party forcing the monster to teleport.

Free-for-All (FFA) is a general term used in Ragnarok Online, meaning that anyone can attack a monster disregarding the following provisos: who found it first, who summoned it, who is attacking it, or who is being attacked by it. Free-for-All is a classification that marks certain types of monsters, which includes: MVPs (Boss-type Monsters), Town Invasion Monsters, Hocus-Pocus summoned Monsters, and Dead Branch and Bloody Branch summoned Monsters. The Free-for-All classification is inapplicable to Mini-Boss Monsters or other types of monster in the least. Attacking any non-FFA monsters is considered Kill Stealing.

Item Recovery and Restoration

  • Avoid Dropping Items. As a rule of thumb from old RO days, when moving items from your Inventory (Alt+E) to your storage or any trade windows, make sure to always have your Equipment (Alt+Q) window open to prevent dropping items on the ground. But here in AtlasRO, we encourage players to always lock their Inventory windows instead. Kindly check the Drop Lock option provided on your Inventory.
  • Avoid Using Middlemen. Do not ask someone else's help when transferring your valuables from one character to another or from one account to another. Doing so puts you at risk of being scammed or losing your items because that person decided to run away with your stuff. For such needs, it is best to do it through good ol'Kafra for same account transfers or run dual clients for different accounts item transferring.
  • Observe Proper Trading Practices. Ensure that you are trading with the right player. Whether it's gifting or trading items, always double-check the player's name atop your Trade window. As a general guideline, make sure to gift/trade items with the other player on secured or less populated areas to prevent any item lose due to negligence.
  • Be Aware of Diverse Trading MOs. Nowadays, some players' sole existence to a game is based merely on taking advantage of other players, new or tenured. We have listed as much trading MOs there is up-to-date. If you have been a victim of any of the following, please file a report through our Support Ticket system. Please take note that filing for a report does not guarantee that any scammed item/s will be returned, rather, we are keen on enforcing our server rule against In-Game Theft and prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent.
    • Bait-and-Switch, Item Switch or Quick Switch: A player usually sells an uncommon item for a cheaper price which baits you in for a trade and switches them with something of lower value. They will trade you a specific item and the item they will put in the Trade window looks like the original item they previously mentioned, but isn't as valuable as the original offer (i.e. Bastard Sword replaced with Sword). Be guarded if the other person keeps cancelling the deal and trading you again. Double check the contents of all trades before accepting.
    • Hidden Item Scams: A player offers a trade that includes a lot of your low value items such as cards, potions and gears that you do not use anymore, but also includes a costly item hidden somewhere in the middle. This kind of trade may seem harmless at first glance, but most players are unaware that they have high value items in their inventories together with their usual daily supplies and long forgotten loots. Double check the contents of all trades before accepting.
    • Begging and Spamming Technique: A player spams trade offers requesting items for nothing or little in return in hopes that you might misclick and accept the offer. Trying to help out new players with secondhand items you have sitting around in your inventories for ages is a noble thing to do, but double check the items in the Trade window to ensure that those are the ones you agreed to give away. Decline all offers that don't appear to be a fair trade, even if the items requested are of low value.
  • Be Vigilant against Scammers. Engaging on trades with characters that are under Level 70 is quite a questionable set-up. Most scammers have at least 2 to 3 disposable characters on different accounts. They usually try to rush a trade to avoid you seeing the switching of items before it is completed or perform the "You Trade First" scheme and eventually running off not just with your trust, but with your items as well. We are not entirely imposing that characters under Level 70 are scammers, but rather we are trying to discourage prospective scammers from pulling off their MOs by educating the Community. Please take your time when completing a trade and consider doing them with characters at least above Level 70 or Transcendent-Class if they are total strangers to you. Report scammers immediately after an incident.
  • Upgrade with Absolute Caution. Practice proper upgrading procedure at all times. If you are overupgrading, make sure that you are upgrading the correct item. If possible, take off all of your equipped items and put them away in your Storage and just leave the items that you are going to be upgrading/overupgrading in your Inventory. Pay your undivided attention to the NPC, and never skip any confirmation prompt by clicking away continuously. Accidental upgrade of items will not be restored.
  • Kafra Points are Non-Refundable. Donations made through PayPal are direct and you can instantly claim your items by talking to the Kafra Shop NPC by the Prontera Fountain. However, donations made through Money Remittances would let you accumulate Kafra Points. You can claim the item of your choice, provided that you have enough Kafra Points for it, by checking the Donation Shop option on the Kafra Shop NPC. Please take note that Kafra Points are non-refundable, so please be careful when claiming your items with it.